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the line-up

the Line-Up.


Michael Quesenbury handmade artist surfboards paddleboards california woodworker

Michael Quesenbury is a native of the Pacific Northwest who transplanted to California at the end of the millennium looking for all things that come with Californification; beautiful weather, fabled cities, outdoor lifestyles and a melting pot of design and art.


His simple mission statement is “I get out of bed to create beautiful things.”  Educated with a degree in architecture with a 25-year career in building, Michael’s work focuses on functional creations that strive for a classic and timeless quality complimented with a story.  An object without a story is an object.  An object with a story is an experience.


Romanticized by the surf culture of California’s 50-60’s and enamored by legendary coach builders like Ferrari and Buggati, Michael has set off to create one off, bespoke surfboards and paddleboards that encapsulated high design and fine craftsmanship into each board.


Every detail is executed with a purpose or thought initiating with its function and stylized through use of reclaimed material, sacred geometry, celebration of the defect and integration into the greater work as a whole.  The work is purposely focused on the element of hand-crafted techniques, always striving for perfection but never perfect.


Lastly, the work is functional.  It is not meant to be a precious jewel.  Scratches and dings are part of the aging process, only adding to the story of the creation and the experience.  Enjoy.

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Making the Daytona

Offical Videos.

Making the 10.6 Daytona

Conjuring the 11.11 White WitchCraft

8.3 Rob Phillips at Winternationals



The Loft

633 4th St, #D

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

The Workshop

170 Todd Rd, 900D

Santa Rosa, CA.  95407

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